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“The Pirate Princess” by Alva Sachs, illustrated by Patricia Krebs

Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts about The Pirate Princess by Alva Sachs and Patricia Krebs

“Sachs and Krebs have done a marvelous job turning Madison’s sad Rainy Friend Day into a fun Friend Day in The Pirate Princess.“-Green Gables Book Reviews

Your kids will love this book! Madison wakes up and is sad! It was raining, and she and her friends were going to play outside today. Mom has a great idea when she sees Madison’s tears, and Madison rushes off to call her friends. Soon, Madison’s friends arrive, excited to play! But, what should they play? Hide-and-seek? No. A game? No. They will play pirates! Soon the waves are crashing against the ship as Madison and her friends are heading toward Treasure Island. Will they find the treasure when they get there?

The Pirate Princess is a great book that encourages your kids to use their imagination and encourage great conversation. *What else could Madison and her friends have done on their rainy friend play day? *What do your kids like to do on a rainy day? *What clothes do you need to wear if you are outside on a rainy day? *Do you think you will feel cold if you get wet in the rain? *Do you think Madison and her friends find a treasure? What will the treasure be?

Be sure to check out to see her great website! Alva has written six kids’ books that all look like any kids would be drawn to them! She also has free printables to go with each of her books. And, she has a section on tips for parents.

If you would like to purchase The Pirate Princess, here is a link. *affiliate link, I may receive a small commission from your purchase, thank you!


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