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The Reunion: A Novel – by Guillaume Musso

The Reunion is an Advanced Reading Copy that I got in the mail. I enjoyed reading it, but there are a lot of characters in the book to keep track of. The Author does a good job describing everyone to help with this. A well written mystery!-Janell

The Reunion~ The book starts out in 2017 and goes back and forth between 2017 and 1992. A Reunion is happening and it is also a dedication of a new expansion at the exclusive school that these now adults attended in their youth. The gym is about to be demolished to make way for a new addition at the school.

Everyone has always wondered what happened to their classmate, Vinca. Vinca was beautiful and charming. She was charismatic and this reunion has her back on everyones minds. She is especially on the mind of Thomas. She is one of the main reasons is has returned for this event.

How could Vinca have just disappeared one wintery night? Everyone assumes she is dead. Is she? Thomas knows some information no one else knew…you see, he was her boyfriend. She had been distant in the days before her disappearance, but he was with her the night before, and she told him her secret. But, where is she now?

A mystery that has lasted all of these years is about to unravel. Who will survive?

Get your copy of “The Reunion” here!

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