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“The Road Less Traveled-A Guide to a Positive Marriage” by Lisa Cassman

Author Lisa Cassman, is a Christian Counselor, Life Coach, and Pastor. She frequently speaks at events and has four books published at this time.

“The Road Less Traveled: A Guide to a Positive Marriage” is truly that. A well-written book to guide couples though possible obstacles that may occur in a marriage. It is well organized, easy to read and filled with practical advice.

Some examples include: “Listen to One Another. Don’t Let Your Mind Wander, Remember To Forgive, Admit Mistakes, Flirt With Each Other” and my favorite, “Ladies. Try Fishing.”

Whether you are newly married or have been together for years, everyone will find something in “The Road Less Traveled” to help strengthen their already strong marriage even more! And, if your marriage is not where you want it to be, give this book a read and fall for your spouse all over again!-Green Gables Book Reviews

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