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“The Second Home” by Christina Clancy

If you need a book that will draw you in, I have found it for you! The Second Home by Christina Clancy has so many things in it that I love. It is written from different perspectives, covers a span of years, has various locations in it, and pulls you into the lives of Amy, Poppy, and Michael. I felt like I became a part of this book as I read about the lives of this family. I found myself wanting to give them advice! A great weekend read, beach read, escape from real-life for a bit read. Enjoy!

“I felt like I became a part of this book as I read about the lives of this family.”-Green Gables Book Reviews

The Gordon’s are the perfect family. Mom and Dad, Ed and Connie, Ed is a teacher. Daughters, Amy and Poppy. And, their adopted son, Michael. Michael and Amy met at a track meet for school and had been friends ever since, and Michael fit in with their family so well that they adopted him! If it weren’t for the Gordon’s, Michael would be a teenage boy still stuck in foster care.

The Gordon’s have a vacation home that has been in the family back to when Ed’s grandfather won it in a game of poker. It is their tradition to spend the summer there, enjoying the beach and sharing memories, and spending time showing everything to Michael makes it new and fun again.

Poppy has offered to teach Michael to swim, and they become good friends, but over time, Poppy feels a little left out as Ann and Michael are so connected and care so deeply about each other.

An event happens during this summer that changes everything for this family. Choices are made, worry is expressed, and words are said that can not be taken back. And the family is destroyed.

Years later, lives forever altered, Amy and Poppy have to decide what to do with the vacation home. It is all up to them until Michael hears about it and wants to be a part of the decision.

It was very exciting to be given an early copy of The Second Home to read and review!

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