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The Shake-Up by Lauren Campbell

Sometimes you need to read something out of your normal genres. I LOVED this book! Funny, lighthearted, good humor, some romance, some deceit, and a blonde that shows up where she doesn't belong. Sounds good, right? It is! The Shake-Up by Lauren Campbell will sweep you away from your world for a while into the life of Hailey, who is running her Aunt Marlene's candy store in the mountains of Georgia after finding Nelson, the love of her life, in a blonde woman's arms.

Hailey is settling into her new small-town life. She has her misbehaved dog, Tootie, and her friend and co-worker, Kit. She lives in her Aunt Marlene's house, next to the candy store and is ever-so-slowly trying to get over Nelson.

She can't believe what she sees in town. It cannot be! It just can't! He wouldn't! Nelson is there, in HER town, HER new start with the blonde woman. Hailey cannot believe it. Then, to make things worse, Nelson can't leave town. No one can because the bridge is out. And, they have to leave their hotel.

Now Hailey has to fill the huge candy order for the shop, the order Aunt Marlene counts on, Nelson and the blonde needed a place to stay, so are at her place, her car is missing, her dog is misbehaving, and the blonde doesn't like her. Sounds like a fun time, right?

Great humor! A relief from life for a bit!

I received an early release of The Shake Up to read and review. Thank you!

This post contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase using the link, I may earn a small commission. Thank you! #ad


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