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“The Sons of Philo Gaines” by Michael R. Ritt

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Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts- The Sons of Philo Gaines is a great book, and it’s engaging from the very beginning. I loved the format and getting to meet each brother separately and learn their story. I really enjoyed the main events in the book and that the events were not predictable. One of my favorite parts of the book is David’s interactions with Ox! This book is well written, and I look forward to, hopefully, a book 2!

The Sons of Philo Gaines by Michael R. Ritt *Matt, “The Scholar,” is new to Mustang Flats, Texas, where he will be the school teacher; he becomes friends with Tom and Katy, siblings and ranchers, and Matt does not trust Amos Tolliver, local business owner and rancher, or his hired men. *Luke Gaines, aka Luke Jensen, “The Gunman,” is on the right side of the law. But, he does not like lawyers and avoids the law whenever he can. He takes a job to make a delivery only because he is low on funds. The delivery is to Mustang Flats. *David, “The Gambler,” makes his money gambling and often wins. He is good at reading people; he sleeps late, drinks a lot, and enjoys his free time. He dreams of beautiful women and spending his time with them.

Brothers Matt, Luke, and David haven’t seen each other for some time. It is 1873, and The Sons of Philo Gaines are making their way in the world. They are well-respected, liked, and honorable men who do not want anything from the world based on their father’s reputation; they want to earn their way, on their own.

When Matt takes a new job in Mustang Flats, Texas, he becomes suspicious of Amos Tolliver after his hired men stop him for no reason. When Matt asks questions and a career-altering event happens, Matt takes his suspicions further to investigate. When Luke arrives in Mustang Flats with a secret delivery for Tolliver and Tolliver asks him to complete another job, Luke stays in character as his alias, Luke Jensen, until he can figure out what is happening. It isn’t long before Matt and Luke realize they need their brother, David, to join them. The three of them together are a force no one can contain, and they all live up to their father’s name, Philo Gaines.

The Sons of Philo Gaines by Michael R. Ritt has won three awards! You can read more about the author, Michael R. Ritt, on his website.


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