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The Surprise Sister by Joy Corbin

“I read The Surprise Sister in one delightful afternoon. I enjoyed the characters, the glimpse into each of their lives, and that their lives were similar to my friend's lives! I’m looking forward to more Rockrose Bay Series Novels by Joy Corbin.”-Books and Pens on Green Gables

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About the book:

It is hard when life changes and Twyla Larson’s life is about to change again. It first changed years ago when her marriage ended. Then it changed again as her oldest three daughters left for college. Today might be the hardest change. Her youngest, Hadley, is leaving. Twyla’s nest will be empty for the first time in all these years. She’s sad. But, she knows this change is part of her girls growing up and becoming adults. She is proud of each of them! She thinks about taking some classes to occupy her time.

Hadley is nervous about college. The typical first time away from home nerves, what if she doesn’t like her roommate, what if her classes are hard, what if she’s homesick. She’ll miss her Mom and her sisters and looks forward to visiting home whenever she can.

Lauren, mom of Olivia, longs for another baby, and life seems to have other plans. She works hard not to let it get her down and to keep a positive attitude. When she arrives at work one day, a girl is sitting outside. It’s cold and rainy, and the girl has nowhere to go. Will Lauren be able to turn her away?

Allie, a marketing coordinator, likes things to stay orderly and running smoothly. She had a hurdle months ago in her life that she finally feels like she might be moving forward from. She’s surprised that she feels a special warmth toward one of the vendors at the market.

Jasmine thought traveling with her boyfriend for his job sounded fun! And, it was...until the loneliness set in. He is gone such long hours, and she is alone. Is this the life she wants?

When a strange woman shows up at Twyla’s door, Twyla is wary. Is this woman, Nora, really who she says she is? Is Twyla’s life about to go through more changes?

I was given a copy of The Surprise Sister to read and review. Thank you.


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