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"The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow: Grandfather Rabbit's Scheme" by E.W. Rhodes

"I've read several of E.W. Rhodes books, Grandfather Rabbit's Scheme might be my favorite!"-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Kids books are always favorites of mine to read and review. The innocence, the wonder, the authors always amaze me. E.W. Rhodes is an author that always delivers. His books are timeless, with messages that kids will read in different ways at different ages. Always well-delivered, with beautiful illustrations, E.W. Rhodes has written another timeless keepsake book for your collection.-BPonGreen

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The map at the beginning of the book is a fun addition to the book! Kids can see the farm and can see where different things in the book happen! A fun way for kids to learn on a simple map.

Alex the rabbit loves to play and the garden is his favorite spot! He and his friend Raya enjoy running and playing hide and seek, but they know they always need to be careful of Farmer Groucher and Sam.

One day when they are playing Sam comes! They run and Raya is safe. While Alex is running away he meets a new friend that helps keep him safe from Sam.

When Alex finds out his new friend, Myra, might be in trouble, Grandfather Rabbit comes up with a plan to keep Myra and her friends safe. Can they put the plan together in time and will it work?

Another book by E.W. Rhodes that kids will love!


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