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The Third Son by S. E. Green

“Starting The Third Son at 9 pm was a bad idea! It’s so good, you’ll be up late reading, too!”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

“Starting The Third Son at 9 pm was a bad idea! It’s so good, you’ll be up late reading!”-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Carter finally has the life he hoped he would have someday. A beautiful wife, Tori, and her two boys, Daniel and Nathan. Carter and Tori have a big announcement and the two boys are excited when they hear it. Carter is going to adopt them!

Carter and John, Tori’s first husband, were best friends and colleagues. When John died, Carter helped Tori however he could with the boys, who were eight and one. Their friendship became more and now they’re married and this is their family. The only thing Carter wishes they could have is a baby, but that is impossible.

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When Carter gets an unexpected phone call from a hospital about someone named Rachelle Meade, he doesn’t know who they are talking about. Until he does an online search. He does know her, he did, once. The next thing the hospital tells him is that he has a ten-year-old son.

Shock, excitement, fear all go through Carter. They learn a bit about Frances before meeting him. And, soon, this bow-tie wearing, smarter than his grade level boy joins their family. Nathan is thrilled to have another brother and Daniel is slower to adjust.

Everything starts off ok, but there are some odd things happening. And a feeling that Tori can’t quite put her finger on. She knows her boys and something isn’t right.

Is Frances the sweet formerly home-schooled boy that Carter believes he is? Who was Rachelle Meade? Are the things happening lately all accidents and coincidences?

S. E. Green has written a lot of books! Check out her website!


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