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The Treehouse on Dog River Road by Catherine Drake

The Treehouse on Dog River Road by Catherine Drake

Hannah has taken on the responsibility of caring for her young niece and nephew for the summer while her sister and brother-in-law are on a sabbatical trip.

How hard can it be to take care of two young kids? Her sister has their schedule laid out, has them in pre-school, and a summer day camp-and their friend Lea will be picking them up and dropping them off. Piece of cake easy.

Until it's not. There's crying, there's a tantrum or two, there's Hannah getting bored when they are gone all day. There is the kids getting out of bed at bedtime. Oh, yeah–and Hannah is trying to figure out what to do for a job after the summer since she was (voluntarily) laid off.

THEN, there's the handsome new neighbor and his loving dog, Cooper, next door.

Hannah decides to take on a project building a treehouse. She also keeps an eye on Nathan, the cute neighbor.

When Nathan and Hannah finally get a few minutes alone, they connect. They realize they really like each other! But, Hannah is only there for the summer...

"GREAT book, light reading, great summer read! I was cheering for Hannah and Nathan the whole time!"-Books and Pens on Green Gables


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