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The Wedding Crasher by Abigail Mann

The Wedding Crasher by Abigail Mann

A lot can happen in a week!

Poppy is a photography teacher at a school where her husband, Josh, is the principal. Poppy is just hanging on, and it’s hard. She and Josh are getting a divorce, but no one at work knows it yet. They haven’t gotten along for quite some time, and it is over. Unfortunately, they still live in the same house, which is brutal. Poppy has never looked forward to vacation more than the one she has coming up to photograph puffins on a remote island.

So, how does Poppy go from a puffin photography vacation to being the stand-in photographer at her old college buddy’s exclusive high-security remote island wedding? And he’s wealthy? And, wow…really handsome!

The bride is doing her best to avoid everyone on the island and the stress the groom’s family is causing. But, she likes Poppy and confides in her.

Poppy’s dealing with Josh and her divorce, missing the puffins, enjoying her banter with the groom, what the bride has told her, being confused by his family dynamics, and her best friend, the wedding planner, is mad at her!

She just hopes the real photographer gets there soon so she can leave the island!

I enjoyed The Wedding Crasher. It took me a bit longer to get hooked on this one, but I really enjoyed it once I did!

I was given this book to read and review.

This book review contains an affiliate link.


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