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The Woman in my Home by Kerry Fisher

New Release! The Woman in my Home by Kerry Fisher

Are people always as they seem? Who do you trust? Be careful, you never know who is in your home...

This book started s bit more slowly but once I understood each character, it was great!

Cath is independent. She owns her own company and has made her own way. Her son, Sandy, is an adult now. Her mother is doing well, even helping Cath by cleaning for her. Cath has been divorced for years and when Robin comes into her life he is the perfect man!

Rebecca has had almost all that she can take. Her husband has lost all of their money without her knowing it. And now they all have to leave their home. Desperate, she and the kids go to her sisters, but it can't last.

Robin just needs his divorce finalized and his former home to sell then he and his new love, Cath, can get married.

When Rebecca has an opportunity to be helpful, she dives in. Soon it leads to a full-time job working for Cath! Just as she hoped would happen.

Who is The Woman in my Home?

I was given this book to read and review.


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