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Too many things on your list?

The holidays! It seems as through Thanksgiving into Christmas into the New Year can almost seem like a blur. Lists, gifts, deliveries, meals, the kids on holiday break, different routines, wrapping gifts, traveling, get togethers. Life gets busy!

Let me take away your Christmas or Holiday letter-writing worries!

It can be set up a few different ways.

  • You write it, I proofread and edit and you're good to go! ($.04 per word)

  • I can write it! We'd talk via phone or video chat, I'd take notes, I'd ask questions and then send you an email to get more details, then I write! I send it to you to double check the details, and then complete the letter! $75

  • You write it, but I help you! This is where you know what you want to say, but words are not flowing. We talk, you send me what you have already written, I go through it and make notes. Then, we talk again and go through it in detail, talking about suggested changes. We can do some writing activities, if needed, to get your fingers flying again! After you have finished writing it, I can proofread/edit, if you would like! $75/hour

Contact me today your to schedule your Christmas/holiday letter writing! Last day to schedule is December 16. (allow 7 days turn around time). Email me at or through


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