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Two Little Girls by Laura Jarratt

A dark night. Driving in the rain. An accident. And a mom has to make a terrible decision.

Two Little Girls by Laura Jarratt

"Author Laura Jarratt has written a book that will grab your attention in the first five minutes—and it keeps your attention to the very last page." – Books and Pens on Green Gables

A mom and her two girls are on vacation—a young teen who is typically annoyed with her mom and a young blonde girl that still likes to hold her mom's hand and snuggle. Their dad couldn't join them for this trip, and they are looking forward to getting home to see him. Well, most of them are excited to see him.

Maybe they should have left sooner. It is very dark, and the rain is getting heavier. Both girls are sleeping in the backseat when there's a hint of something. Is it a shadow? Is it a light? Then, headlights headed toward them. There's nowhere to go...falling, falling...a broken windshield and water entering the car. The water is filling the car–there is no way to escape it. The girls! Mom realizes she can't get them both. There's no time to think.

She grabs one, struggles to the surface, and gets her daughter breathing again. She dives. Where is the car? Her other daughter is gone.

That's just the first several pages! THIS IS A REALLY GREAT BOOK!

This mom has to deal with the tragedy of her daughter's death and her guilt that she couldn't save her, but she also has to deal with the police now. They say she fell asleep driving, and she knows she didn't fall asleep but can't remember what happened.

Can she and her husband put the pieces together to find out what really happened?

I was given this book to read and review. Great plot, great characters, with an ending you won't believe!


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