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Unicorn Jazz – by Lisa Caprelli

Unicorn Jazz - by Lisa Caprelli

Unicorn Jazz – by Lisa Caprelli

Oh my Goodness! “Unicorn Jazz” by Lisa Caprelli, is the tune I’m singing today! This is by far the sweetest, cutest, most encouraging book I’ve read in a while. It has a wonderful wholesome, “be proud of who you are” message. The illustrations are colorful and fun, the song is catchy and the message is so encouraging! This is the book that is going to be on every kids “to be read list!”

Teachers-a really great book for the first day of school! The message is appropriate for girls and boys. A great reminder that even if someone looks different than you do, they have special gifts, just like you. Be a friend, even if someone can’t do what you can do, they have something special, too! And, you should always be proud of what makes you special!

School librarians may want to order these in, because the kids will want to check them out on Library Day!

Along with the book, there are also some really fun products! T-shirts, an audio version of the song, a coloring book, a curriculum guide, a handwriting guide, an audio book version, and Birthday card bundles coming soon. And, you can pre-order plush Unicorn Jazz from their website! I really think little ones everywhere are going to be singing “Unicorn Jazz, Unicorn Jazz, I’m so glad you’re my Friend….”

Absolutely 5 stars! -Janell at Green Gables Book Reviews

You can get “Unicorn Jazz” here!

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