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Walking with Mr. Smith – by Brandon Enns

New Release!

Walking with Mr. Smith is a story that is about love, selflessness, encouragement and honor. It’s a book that I know my mind will take me back to in years to come. Brandon Enns has done a beautiful job of weaving together a story through the present and the past, while on the same journey. This book is one that I read and I liked, and when I got toward the end and it all came together, it was a moment of realization for me of what love is, even when there is a personal cost. And, it made me like this book even more. Very well done, Mr. Enns.~ Janell

Austin Smith is a writer that is getting older everyday and his creativity is getting further and further away from him every day. His finances are running low and he knows he needs to write another book. He sits in front of his typewriter and waits…and nothing comes to him day after day.

His Assistant, Jeffrey, encourages Mr Smith and does everything he can to help him and wishes he could help get him back to writing.

Jeffrey decides that getting outside might help Mr. Smith to get his creativity back and they decide to go on a hike in the mountains. It is a familiar hike that Mr. Smith has taken before, with his wife.

The hike becomes filled with memories for Mr. Smith as they move forward on the trail. He has been missing his wife so much since she passed away and he feels closer to her on this walk as he remembers their journey.

Mr. Smith starts to questions if he can handle this walk. He and Jeffrey are doing well, with Mr. Smith setting the pace. And, then something happens that they are not prepared for. All they have is each other to rely on. Will everything they have gained on this trip be lost? How will they get back home?

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