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What I Hid From You by Heleen Kist

When a tragic death happens, everything spins out of control.

What I Hid From You by Heleen Kist

"Reading What I Hid From You is eye-opening. Addiction can happen to anyone. Well-written, informative, authentic."-Books and Pens on Green Gables

When a tragedy happened in her dental office, it was the thing that made life too much to handle. The investigation, being a mom, wife, daughter, and school volunteer, ..., it is all too much.

Radha thinks back to those moments of relief after the tragedy. One little pill made all of the problems manageable. Her mind—the clutter—cleared. Her restricted breathing became deep, and her lungs filled easily.

In the weeks that followed, the stress was too much. Would she be blamed for the woman's death?

By the time Radha realizes what she has done to herself, it is too late. She can't tell anyone, can't get help. So she does the only thing she can to keep herself functioning. But, she soon learns that the cost is much higher than she realized.

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06 jul 2022

Thank you for this very intriguing review. Delighted you enjoyed Radha's journey. Heleen

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