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What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader plays an important role in the book writing and publishing process. A beta reader is someone with a keen eye to detail that will give you honest and constructive feedback on your book or manuscript. In a book, you do not want to confuse your readers and a beta reader makes sure all the details you have written line up.

When I do a beta read for an author, I have a form I use as I read the book to make sure all the details match up. The form includes details about every character, location, weather, season, and the timeline. I do this to be sure every detail stays consistent throughout the book.

I also provide notes chapter by chapter for the author. Things such as, "This section really drew me in!" or, "I think this area gets a bit too wordy." or "There needs to be more detail in this scene." are all things authors I have worked with appreciated. I also will answer any other specific questions provided by the author.

I am also certified in line editing and copy editing. Many authors have appreciated this as I have been able to provide helpful suggestions to the flow of their book.


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