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“Where the Wildflowers Dance” by Phil Mills, Jr.

Phil Mills, Jr. has created a book that is beautiful. From the cover to the characters and the storyline all the way to the ending. “Where the Wildflowers Dance” is a book that can be relevant to any time period and the lessons throughout are valuable then, today and always.”-Green Gables Book Reviews

Sarah has returned home to the ranch in the state she loves after teaching for 4 years away from home. She has longed to be back in Wyoming and has missed her Dad, her friends, and the mountain air. She and her Dad have invited friends to the ranch for a party to celebrate Sarah’s return home and her father’s return to the ranch after being left for dead on the prairie. 

The fiddle screeches to a stop as everyone looks on, shocked. Jason Neal, a stranger to most, has just proclaimed he is there to marry Sarah.  When Sarah does not accept his unwanted marriage proposal, he has to be escorted away. In his anger, he vows to get even.

Sarah needs some air after the uncomfortable and chaotic episode with Jason Neal and is happy to find her friend, ranch hand Jake outside. They visit easily and comfortably, always having cared about each other. Even after the stressful events at the party with Jason Neal, Sarah goes to sleep smiling after her time with Jake.

As time goes on, Jason Neal makes good on his vow to get revenge-wreaking havoc in the town and terrorizing landowners. He has quickly gathered the most unfavorable men around to be the lawmen in the town and to do anything he says. His revenge is brutal. Sarah has a hard time believing this is the same man she knew!

What can Sarah do? She and Jake have grown closer but now Jake is missing and assumed dead. She has to help her father with his failing health. She has to save her family ranch. With no other choice, she marries Neal, just to survive, not knowing Jake is still alive. 

A beautifully written story about love, loss, and perseverance, and that determination can push you beyond your fears. 

You can order your copy here from Amazon (I may earn a commission from your purchase-thank you!)


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