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Who She Is by Diane Byington

This is a book that is hard to put down once you start it! A book about having a best friend, one that you can count on, even when things are really, really hard. A book about poverty and hardship, fear, pain, and dishonesty. It’s also a book about perseverance and hope, and that sometimes you have to take the hard road to find what is right. Great book! 5 stars!-Green Gables Book Reviews

Faye Smith is so tired of starting over! She has lost track of how many times she has started at a new school and had to be the new girl. Oh, and to make it even harder at a new school, Faye has Epilepsy. Faye knows her Mom will be completely opposed to this…but she wants to be on the track team. She’s good, really good-the coach even said so! But, of course, her Mom says she can’t be on the team.

Faye and her best friend, Francie set a goal to compete in the Boston Marathon. This is in 1967 and women are not allowed to participate. Their former track coach finds the perfect person to help them and Jess takes a big personal risk helping the girls.

Everything changes for Faye one evening when a school bully chases her with his car when she is on a run. She fears for her life! She is ok, physically, but is left fearful and with nightmares. She feels like these nightmares are more like memories of a different time in her life.

Things are not going well for Faye and her parents and she goes against their wishes. Who ever would have thought that her decisions would lead to a lifetime of betrayals?

Great book! Highly recommended! 5 stars!

Published May 20, 2018

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