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Words on Candy Hearts by Augusta Reilly

Fall in love with Words on Candy Hearts! Now available!

Words on Candy Hearts by Augusta Reilly

"Words on Candy Hearts is the book you have been looking for!"-Books and Pens on Green Gables How can a woman having drinks with her mom and a guy having dinner with his dad lead to "mistaken car identity" and BIG misunderstandings? Clara should have been getting ready to get married, but instead, she's out for drinks with her mom, hearing—again—her mom's thoughts about men. And with boxes of candy heart cupcakes in her car that were for her wedding. Her canceled wedding...because she gained weight and her fiance broke off the engagement. Yep. That's why. You won't believe when or how he did it! Ian is out to dinner with his billionaire father. Still upset that his fiance broke off their engagement when he asked for a prenup that his dad insisted on. His dad is sharing his philosophy on women. Eye roll... again. How can a dad and son be so different? A great book! Laughs! Serious moments too, as Clara and Ian's chance meeting takes them through some deep feelings through to some clarity they have needed. Highly recommended five-star book!!


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