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Working It Out by Jo Platt

We always have our work best friends back. Right?

Working It Out by Jo Platt

A book where you wish you could tell the main character what is really going on! Edie was away from work for a short time her best work friend, Ruby, filled her in when she got back. Now, they both hate the new guy. But, Ruby is leaving and Edie is stuck in the same office as him! Plus, Edie's ex-husband keeps messaging her and she feels alone at work. When her cousin (kind of) Giles offers to let her move in with him, she's excited about it! Plus she thinks she might be making a new friend in Kerry, the neighbor next door. But who is Kerry's friend?

The Blurb:

Her new colleague is about to shake things up...

When her love life crashed down around her, Edie found solace in work. But her job rapidly goes from uplifting to unbearable, with the departure of her work wife, Ruby, and the arrival in the office of new guy, Cameron - a chauvinist, a womaniser, and the very opposite of a team player.

And just as things start to go downhill at work, Edie’s personal life takes a downturn too, when her ex, Jason, decides that right now would be the perfect moment to get back in touch and deliver some devastating news.

Edie's increasingly miserable work life and her complicated personal life are suddenly on a collision course. The big question is, will she be able to salvage anything from the wreckage?

A tender uplit novel of one woman’s accidental rediscovery of the perfect work-life balance. Ideal for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Sophie Kinsella and Beth O’Leary.

"Well-written, with likeable but misunderstood characters, you might question your thoughts about your co-workers after reading Working It Out!"-Books and Pens on Green Gables

I was given this book to read and review.


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