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“Zebra” by Jill Wallace

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Zebra breaks invisible boundaries and makes you question why the boundaries exist? Zebra is a book to remember.”-Green Gables Book Reviews

Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts: Zebra by Jill Wallace Zebra is an inspirational book about two boys whose friendship is accepted in two settings, tolerated in some, and forbidden in others. The boys simply see their friendship, while the world sees they are not the same color. Can their friendship survive when outside forces enter in? Zebra spans forty years and takes readers on an incredible and thought-provoking journey. Zebra breaks invisible boundaries and makes you question why the boundaries exist? Zebra is a book to remember.

Zebra by Jill Wallace The boys love adventure. Papin teaches Jock about life in the wild, how to be safe, how to live from the land, and how to survive the dangers. This friendship is their world, and then, after Jock takes out his frustrations from boarding school on him, Papin disappears. Jock is devastated that his harsh words sent away his Zulu blood-brother. He searches everywhere, and Papin has vanished. When Jock returns from boarding school two weeks later, Papin is still gone. Then, when Jock’s Dad shares life-changing news, the chances of them reuniting plummet.

Zebra is written in three different settings, all twenty years apart. A young boy learns how to survive from his older friend. A man in the military uses what he learned as a young boy to keep his unit safe while trying to protect others from a terrorist. A man relives his past and shares it with his wife. This book is a journey through time and friendship that explores great joy, brotherhood, depression, anger, disbelief, fear, extreme racial prejudice, sadness, and disbelief. Zebra is a book to remember.

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