Notebook and Pen
Notebook and Pen

Resumes & Cover Letters

$100 or both for $150

Resume and/or cover letter writing includes:

  • Initial conversation (about 30 minutes) to discuss goals and past work experience

  • Next, the information is compiled and sent to you to verify (this is the time for additions and to answer additional questions I may have and to choose your resume style)

  • Once it’s returned, your resume and/or cover letter are written.

  • Quick turnaround available for an additional fee

Business Writing

$75/hour or project-based

You need to focus on your clients and making your business grow. Here are just a few examples of ways I can help with your business writing needs.

  • Quick response to guest’s online surveys

  • Company newsletters

  • Guest, company or investor correspondence

  • Investor reports

  • Job postings, press releases

  • Website content

  • Meeting agendas

  • Website proofreading or editing

  • Quick turnaround available for an additional fee

Writing Consultations

$75 / Hour

When you know what to say but need help to write it, starting with a consultation is the way to go. I will help you write your words through writing exercises, asking thoughtful questions, and conversations about your topic. Your words and your voice, just enhanced. A few examples include helping you write your:

  • Personal statements

  • College entrance essays

  • Speeches

  • Family newsletters

  • Business writing web content

  • Articles

  • Your first/next book

  • Christmas letters

Writing For You

$75/Hour or project-based

Research and More

$75/Hour or project-based

If you want someone else to do the writing for you, this is the section to read.

  • We will start with a consultation to discuss your project.

  • Once the scope of the project is together, we will work on an outline of your basic content.

  • Once approved, the writing process will begin. You will be updated along the way, with drafts provided until the project is completed.

  • Open to your ideas

  • Let’s write a book!

  • Let’s write articles!

Great for authors, business owners and individuals who have topics they need to know about but need help with research. You can choose a package, below, or we can discuss your specific project needs.

  • After an initial consultation, your research project will begin.

  • Topic-based research with an approximately 500-word overview

  • Topic-based research with approximately 1000-word overview

  • Links included to pages so you can cite sources