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A Bushberry in the Garden by E. W. Rhodes

The Tales of Meadowborrok Hollow-A Bushberry in the Garden

Someone is in the garden! Who could it be?

When a tail they don't recognize is in the garden eating the cabbage, Stephie and Alex find grandfather for help. Soon, they meet a new and very hungry friend!

When the new animal in the garden says he wants to live there, Grandfather Rabbit tries to offer advice to Morton but he likes to do things his own way. Will he be safe doing it his own way? Or does he need Grandfather's wisdom? And if Morton does it his way, will others be safe?

Kids will love looking at the map of Meadowbrook Hollow! Teach your kids about things we eat from the garden-also a great way to get your child interested in gardening!

Another great book to add to your child's collection!


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