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My Plan to Remember This Christmas

Kind of a vulnerable post.

I don't remember last Christmas due to an injury.

This year, I have plan.

Read on.

Oh! Before I forget, if you want my families favorite Caramel Roll recipe (mentioned below), sign up on my website ASAP, I'm emailing it out next week!! (and mine look way better than the photo I found, they have thick caramel and they are gooey and AMAZING!!)

I really enjoyed seeing our Christmas treasures again! The house is decorated and the tree looks beautiful, even with about half as many decorations as usual.

However, I realized last night I didn't find the hangers for the stockings. The OLD me would have started scurrying about, and gotten super stressed about that. I would have pulled every box of Christmas decorations back out of the closet, and started SEARCHING, likely late into the night to find them, and I'd be driving my poor family CRAZY!

THIS ME, this new me, that I'm still getting used to, is not a bit concerned about the stocking hangers. Yes, its odd I didn't find them, but does it really matter? No, in the big scene of things, it doesn't. I'm finding this new version of my life has changed my perspective on so many things. Sometimes I wonder how I can be so, so different after my injury than I was for my whole life before it? That is something I ponder often, and will address on a different day.

So, as I gaze at our tree, here is one of my hopes. I want to remember this Christmas with my family. I really don't think I remember last Christmas...not clearly anyway. I'm discovering that many pieces of my memory are another thing my injury stole from me. I think I have snippets of last year, but I feel like they are on the edge of my memory and I can't clearly see them. That makes me sad, so THIS Christmas, I want to make myself have things to remember. I want a memorable moment (for me, probably not them!) with each of the kids. Maybe it's a conversation, or cooking together, or a special gift...maybe it's tears (again, for me, not them). Whatever the moment is, I hope I'll recognize it when it is happening so I am fully a part of the moment and the memory. For me, it would be an incredible gift.

OK, that got a little deep...sorry! Moving on!

A Christmas morning tradition we have is that I make HOMEMADE CARAMEL ROLLS and WOW are they YUMMY!!!! If you want the recipe, go to my website and register, I'll be sending the recipe out next week! A single batch makes 18. You assemble them the night before and bake them in the morning. They'll be a hit! This year, we're serving them ywith fruit and yogurt. Other years, its been with an egg bake and bacon. However you have them, they're fabulous!


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