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Review Team!

Here are the books currently available for review!


Black and Blue by Frank Weber

Frank is a Minnesota author, and this book is set primarily in Minneapolis.

Review date: This book is a new release, please post reviews as soon as possible or by October 1.

Available: We have a limited number of ebooks available of Black and Blue at this time. If the hard copies arrive this week, there will be a limited number of hard copies.

Genre: True Crime/Current Events

A chance meeting between officer Xavier—Zave—Williams and Sadie changed his life and ended hers. Zave joins Investigator Jon Frederick as a black and white team reopening a cold case with a lot of gray—contaminated evidence, questionable court decisions, and two opposing hardened suspects. In the backdrop of modern-day Minneapolis, investigators are left to sort through the chaos, shootings, and political outrage to deliver justice to Sadie’s family. Black and Blue is an intense thriller about tenderness, passion and resilience, in an era when it’s easy to be callous. A true crime of Lover vs. Psychopath. Was the murder racially motivated? What uniform did the killer wear? Prison or Police . . .

Blind Eye by Martha Burns

Release date-New release. Please review by October 15

Limited quantities available of hard copies and ebooks.

At the Bounty Canyon Ranch in Southeastern New Mexico, the bodies of Luke and Deona Pruitt are buried in a manure pit and their 14-year-old son Leeland Pruitt is missing.

Deputy Sheriff Greenwood is called out to investigate the missing Pruitt family and discovers the grim scene. Leeland’s brutal upbringing was an open secret overlooked by neighbors and teachers for years. The community turned a blind eye as Leeland was moved by his cruel father from one remote ranch to another. And so, Deputy Greenwood begins a twenty-four-hour hunt to find and save the boy suspected of murdering his parents.

Blind Eye is both a tragedy and a dilemma of moral conscience. In this tale of cultural complicity, the community, at best, looked the other way and, at worst, enabled abuse, leaving us all to ask, ‘What is too much to ask of a boy?’

Drawing Close, Encountering Joy by Janice Kirk

Release date-Just released. Please review by October 15.

Hardcopies available within the US.

From Fort Rock to Hovenweep, redwoods to the Rockies, ocean to high desert, here is an invitation to connect with the natural world. Psalms and prayers for the earth unfold from early morning dew through daytime hours to the night watch. Delight in the colors of dawn, linger in the fellowship of the forest, savor the solitude, lament the losses, be refreshed by tumbling waters, celebrate the glories of life, and hear the robin singing . . . singing. Draw close, enter into the experience. Encounter the joy and peace of the natural world. Through the eyes of an artist, discover nature’s abiding witness to the “wondrous Mystery wrapped in beauty.”

Josie and Vic by Debra Thomas

Releasing in January. Please post reviews to Goodreads and social media now and Amazon on release date.

Limited number of hardcopies and ebooks available.


When Josie Serafini’s brother Vic loses his wife and children in a tragic accident, Josie

leaves her home and beloved horses in upstate New York to join him in Los Angeles. While helping Vic pick up the pieces of his shattered life, Josie confronts broken relationships with her estranged father, who abandoned their family long ago, and rebellious, singer-songwriter daughter, who abruptly left home the previous summer.

Josie and Vic each struggle to find where they belong in their changing worlds. Josie finds comfort in nature and in a budding, long-distance relationship with the empathetic equine veterinarian caring for her horses back home. Vic battles depression as he seeks purpose in his life. Josie’s three horses and a Siberian husky help open hearts to tenderness and healing—but it’s an unexpected journey to the US-Mexico border that offers this fragmented family a chance to reconnect.

We are so excited about offering you these great titles to read and review!

Reply on this email with your choices.

Hardland by Ashley E. Sweeney

Release date: September 13. Please review by October 15.

Available: We have 6 ebooks remaining of this book.

Ruby Fortune faces an untenable choice: murder her abusive husband or continue to live with bruises that never heal. One bullet is all it takes. Once known as “Girl Wonder” on the Wild West circuit, Ruby is now a single mother of four boys in her hometown of Jericho, an end-of-the-world mining town north of Tucson. Here, Ruby opens a roadside inn to make ends meet. Drifters, grifters, con men, and prostitutes plow through the hotel’s doors, and their escapades pepper the local newspaper like buckshot.

An affair with an African American miner puts Ruby’s life and livelihood at risk, but she can’t let him go. Not until a trio of disparate characters: her dead husband’s sister, a vindictive shopkeeper, and the local mine owner she once swindled threaten to ruin her does Ruby face the consequences of her choices. With grit and resolve, she does what she needs to in order to provide for herself and her sons.

Set against the breathtaking beauty of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert and bursting with Wild West imagery, history, suspense, and adventure, Hardland serves up a tough, fast-talking, shoot-from-the-hip heroine who goes to every length to survive and carve out a life for herself and her sons in one of the toughest places in the American West.

Limited quantities of each book are available! Let me know what you would like to read an review on Amazon, Goodreads and your social media!


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