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A Letter in the Wall by Eileen Brill

Would Joan's life have been different if she had mailed the letter?

A Letter in the Wall by Eileen Brill

"Author Eileen Brill has created a character who you will like, question, not like, want to yell at, and finally feel bad for. Joan is like a friend that seems to keep making bad choices. Well-written, interesting, and a story about choices."-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Do you ever look back at your life and wonder if you had taken a different path, where you would be today? That's what A Letter in the Wall is all about.

If Joan had mailed the letter after summer camp.

If she hadn't been in a rush to get married.

If she had not invited a guest into their home.

If she had paid more attention.

If she had listened more.

How could Joan's life have been different? It seems she was always searching to be happy. Did she ever find happiness?

A great book. You'll have LOTS of feelings about the main character, Joan, and the choices she makes!

Available now!

Here's the blurb:

It’s 1971, and Joan Dumann fears her former business partner wants her dead—but her anxiety is less about dying than it is about feeling disrespected and invalidated. As she constructs a letter about her predicament, she revisits her past.

Born into a prominent Philadelphia Quaker family in 1915 and raised with privilege and opportunity, Joan wrestles with her turbulent thoughts and unfulfilled desires—an internal battle that often results in self-destructive tendencies. When she attempts to push against the norms for women of her time in order to forge her own identity, she is met with resistance. Yet she might also be her own worst enemy, often alienating those who care deeply for her. Both manipulative and vulnerable, naive and conniving, Joan is, like many people, complex and misunderstood.

Inspired by a letter written by the real Joan, found hidden in the wall of a Pennsylvania home more than half a century later, this story is a fictionalized imagining of who she was and what motivated her. Moving through several decades and events—from the 1918 influenza pandemic to Prohibition to the Great Depression to Vietnam—A Letter in the Wall examines the internal and external factors that influence one woman’s journey toward independence and empowerment.

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