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A Mothers Past – by Jo Crow

Wow! This book is available now and I highly recommend it! You can order here, below, if you’d like. This book started strong and kept going. It was unpredictable and I can’t believe the turns it took! I would have never expected what happened toward the end or the ending.

5 stars, without a doubt. I know you’ll agree!

Dr. Karen Marks has worked hard as a Psychologist to help Chicago’s youth. Not only is she dedicated to the kids she works with in her gorgeous corner office, she also volunteers at the school where her now deceased husband worked as the Athletic Director, a Coach and helped with the Band. They are even dedicating a new band room in memory of him.

So, imagine the shock Karen has when the Principal tells her allegations have been made against her husband by former students. He cannot defend himself, but she knows he did not do what he is accused of!

Reeling from that terrible shock, and back at work at her office, Karen is speechless when her new client, Ethan, walks in. He looks exactly like her son Luke, who has been gone from her life for years. She can’t stop thinking about Luke, and Ethan-and then she meets Ethan’s Mother. She can’t believe what she sees when they meet.

Karen can’t get past the feeling she is being watched. Has someone been in her home? IS someone in her home? Or, is she so overcome with grief and guilt that she has forgotten what she’s done?

Get this book! 5 stars! You’ll love it and you won’t believe the ending!!!

Thank you to NetGalley and Jo Crow for a copy of this book to read and review!

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission with qualifying purchases. Thank you!


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