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“A Woman of Fortune” by Kellie Coates Gilbert

A Woman of Fortune” is a book that drew me in as I read the Prologue! Then each chapter pulled me in further. 5 stars-Highly recommended! I’m looking forward to reading more books by Kellie Coates Gilbert!-Green Gables Book Reviews

Everything is perfect is Claire Massey’s life. She has the right clothes, the right cars, beautiful homes, and even a helipad on the ranch where they live. Her amazing husband, the love of her life, Tuck, has built a wonderful life for them. Their three kids, now adults, are on their way to great things. Their staff is loyal and their lavish parties are the only attended by people of a similar stature. Their main home, a large cattle ranch, Legacy Ranch, is known by everyone in Texas and their status is increasing even more now that their daughter, Lainie is engaged to future Texas Senator, Reece Sandell.

Everyone, including Claire and Lainie, is surprised when Tuck hands out large donation checks at future son-in-law Reece’s campaign fund raising event. That giddy surprise soon turns to shock when Tuck is arrested minutes later.

Claire’s perfect world is falling apart. Her children are in shock and only their youngest son, Max, is there for her to rely on. Their oldest son, Garrett and his wife, Marcy have even moved away! Claire is filled with disbelief that Tuck, her rock and the love of her life has betrayed everyone, including Claire’s own mother, their friends and countless people from their church! . There are endless meetings with attorneys, constant headlines, losing friends and starting over with nearly nothing.

Can Claire start over without Tuck? And how can she help their kids who are hurting? Lainie won’t even answer her phone calls! And, then a medical emergency threatens one they love. Can this family come together to survive another tragedy?

A book that you will be thinking about for days after you have finished it! Highly recommended!


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