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Caillou-I Can Do It Myself! Text by Christine L’Heureux

Caillou-I Can Do It Myself!

Caillou-I Can Do It Myself! by Christine L’Heureux

“Caillou-I Can Do It Myself” with text by Christine L’Heureux

Caillou books are well known for the fabulous lessons they teach kids in a fun loving way! This book is wonderful! The colorful pictures will attract children’s attention and the idea of being independent is illustrated and spoken about throughout the book. This is sure to be another favorite Caillou book with young children and their parents!-Green Gables Book Reviews

Caillou is excited to show his Daddy new things he can do! His Daddy is patient and lets Caillou show off his new skills and gives him chances to learn new things. Both of Caillou’s parents are so proud of him and Caillou feels happy and proud of himself! A great book about teaching kids independence!

“Caillou-I Can Do It Myself”

Text by Christine L’Heureux

Consultant-Francine Nadeau, M.Psych., Child Psychologist

You can get “Caillou-I Can Do It Myself” here from Amazon! As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission from your purchase. Thank you!

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