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Dear Wife – by Kimberly Belle

Dear Wife – by Kimberly Belle

Dear Wife – by Kimberly Belle

Wow! This book drew me in right away and I’m adding more books by Kimberly Belle to my reading list! Absolutely a 5 star book!!!

First, I really like the way this book was written. Each chapter is about a different person, their thoughts, them speaking, where they are … its one of my favorite formats for a book. There was definite mystery/suspense in this book, too! Well written, well planned…I thought I had it figured out, until I realized I didn’t! So well done! This is one you all should go get and read!!~Janell at Green Gables Book Reviews

The book starts off with Beth driving. She never wanted to run away. But she’s heading to a new life, even though she never wanted this. Today, this day, is her first day of freedom. She must be smart, she has be be frugal and keep her eyes open. But she has a plan. She will be safe. Her plan will work and she will finally be free.

Jeffrey comes home traveling for work. Where is Sabine? Shouldn’t she be home by now? And, this house? It’s a mess-why is Sabine so messy? Doesn’t she know how he likes order?

Ingrid is Sabine’s twin. She’s worried, she can’t get in touch with Sabine. And, she keep reminding Jeffrey that they tell each other everything. Jeffrey wonders-do they really? Does Ingrid know about…he hopes not. Because if she does, his life won’t be the same.

Expect the unexpected! Expect help from unlikely sources and expect to do no housework because this book is a “read it in one sitting if you can”, kind of book!


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