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Disarray: Romance Suspense (Disarray Series-Book 1) – by Author Jessie Cal

Disarray: Romance Suspense (Disarray Series-Book 1) – by Author Jessie Cal

Disarray: Romance Suspense (Disarray Series-Book 1) – by Author Jessie Cal

I was contacted through my Facebook page by Author Jessie Cal!!

This is the first book in a Series and I definitely want to read the next book! It is a quick read. There were a few events I questioned in the book as I read them, but it all came together as I kept reading. If you are looking for a series to read this summer, this might be one to consider. This review will be difficult to write without giving too much away...~Janell

Disarray – Main Characters-Mia, Hugh (husband), Ethan (shows up many unexpected places), Sophia (best friend/employer)

Mia keeps waking up in strange places…she is struggling with nightmares ever since her accident 4 months ago that caused retrograde amnesia. This time, her husband finds her in a cemetery. Hugh, a Police Officer, has been very patient with her but is showing signs of being exhausted, as he continues to care for her and worry about her.

Mia is trying to get her life back to normal, despite all she has lost. She is working for her friend, Sophia Hemsworth, who is a fashion designer. She feels awkward at work, though, as she knows that everyone is talking about her situation, but no one talks to her about it. She’s heard them talking about her when they think she can’t hear them. She knows she can count on Sophia, though, to be her friend.

Mia is in counseling and has been seeing Dr. Jin. She is surprised when she arrives for her counseling session and finds out that Dr. Jin has been transferred and she will be seeing a new Counselor, Dr. Greene. She thinks she will be comfortable with Dr. Greene, as she is a woman, too, and around the same age as Mia. Mia shares with Dr. Greene that her nightmares are feeling more like memories to her. She tells her, “It’s always the same nightmare. The same forest, the same symbols, the same fire. I mean, it has to mean something, right?” Mia feels that the dreams she keeps having must be a link to her past, which she is longing to remember! Dr. Greene gives Mia an assignment. It is to focus more on reality and the people in her life, rather than focusing on her dreams. Mia agrees to try.

Ethan is a person that is in many different parts of the book, and is someone Mia feels is a friend and someone she can rely on. But can she? Why does Mia feel that the past she is beginning to remember doesn’t match with her current life?

A few teasers for when you read the book…!

-The glowing tattoo’s on Mia’s finger, what do they mean?

-Husband/Police Officer Hugh-what is his job…really?

-Can Mia trust the people she thinks she can trust?

-How can she tell her dreams from reality?

-Why does Hugh want her to be focused more on her future than her past?

-The memory triggers, the seizures, the pain-is it worth is for Mia to know her past?

If you have read this, let me know!

Get your copy of “Disarray” here!

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