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Falling with Grace by Ayleen Whyte

"Falling with Grace should be added to your booklist for 2022! Written in a back and forth style by Grace and Kay, the secrets unravel, with an ending that I didn’t expect."

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Falling with Grace by Ayleen Whyte

Grace-a wife, mom, daughter, attorney, and best friend has secrets.

Big ones-she overspends, doesn't take her med's, hides receipts, and more from her husband, Dominic.

Dominic loves Grace. But her bipolar highs and lows are getting hard to handle. If only she’d take her medication, then their relationship is good. But, to spend two months' mortgage in one afternoon? He loves her and their kids, but what can he do? Grace’s behavior is out of control, again.

Kay-sister to Dominic, best friend to Grace since they were kids, married to Liam, mom to Paddy. Tries desperately to help Grace with her depression by taking care of the kids and helping Grace however she can. When Kay left Grace standing in her doorway, she didn't know she would be the last one to see her alive.

When Dominic calls later, the worry is there. Where’s Grace? They wonder if she has tried to hurt herself? Why is her phone left behind? Where would she go?

Soon, the whole town is looking at Dominic the same way they did before, years ago when he was accused of something unthinkable. He’s never been the same person, and now Grace is missing. People he’s known for years are turning their backs on him, even his brother-in-law, Liam, doesn't want Kay to help him. Can Dominic survive this town and it’s accusations twice?

Kay feels like she has to help her brother. Dominic had nothing to do with Grace’s disappearance, she knows it. He loves Grace, and he wants her better. Everyone is turning against him, except Kay and their dad. Kay’s husband, Liam, is furious with her for being so involved, especially when she tells the police where she was when Grace disappeared.

Thank you to BookSirens for giving me Falling with Grace to read and review!

This book review contains an affiliate link. I may earn a small commission if you purchase using the link. Thank you!


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