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False Step – by Victoria Helen Stone

False Step – by Victoria Helen Stone

False Step – by Victoria Helen Stone

THIS BOOK! This book started off strong and just kept going! A story that can draw anyone in-this is the type of story that captures a nation. A young boy missing in Colorado-and then a few days later he’s found alive and unharmed?! A storybook ending…right?

Veronica is at work and it’s a regular day-until someone shows her a video on their phone-wait, what is she seeing-is that her HUSBAND? What? He’s carrying the missing boy! What’s happening? How? What? Oh, my gosh?! Johnny and Old Man, their dog, found the missing boy! He’s safe. Johnny is the town hero!

Soon, everyone wants to be around Johnny and know Johnny and his fitness trainer job is booming…so why is Veronica feeling so concerned. Everything should be great for them now, right? But, can they handle the sudden fame? Can the secrets they have stay hidden with the media and everyone they know wanting to talk to them?

Then, Veronica finds something that makes her question everything that is happening in her life. Is everything really as Johnny said?

5 star book. Really, really good! It will keep you up late reading!

Thank you NetGalley for the early read of this book!

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