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Finding Grace by Maren Cooper

"A meaningful book about a small town and a family."-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Finding Grace by Maren Cooper

This book grabbed my attention right away and never let go.

I highly recommend Finding Grace.

Finding Grace is set mostly in Minnesota, along Lake Superior, and in Duluth. People familiar with Two Harbors and Duluth will recognize several landmarks mentioned.

Once you start reading, be prepared to keep reading. I was drawn in, and this book is the true depiction of small-town Minnesota!

Boy and girl fall in love and get married. She gets a job as a professor at UMD (University of MN-Duluth), and he gets a job as a teacher in Two Harbors. He loves the community, and the people around them-she isn't a fan. She wants her privacy and to be able to do her own thing. She wants to travel for her research and be independent. BUT she does want to be around her husband.

When she is surprised by a pregnancy, she is not happy. She does not want a child and has no interest in being a parent. If they are going to have this baby, Charlie will be its parent, and the baby will be his responsibility. He agrees.

Thankfully, the friends in town help Charlie with raising Grace, and her mother, Caroline, lived her own life. Gone for long periods of time and never acknowledging their daughter, although, it seemed, jealous of her relationship with others.

As time goes by, the repercussions of Caroline's actions become a factor, and Grace and Charlie do their best to cope without Caroline.

A fantastic book about a dad and his endless love.


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