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Girl in Trouble (Alex Mercer Series, Book 1) – by Stacy Claflin

This book is a the first in a new series that follows the Gone Series. I read the 3 book series and it was very good. Well written and kept me guessing. This book is the first in the series about Alex Mercer. His sister was kidnapped when he was a young teen and that helpless feeling has never left him. During that time, he and his sisters best friend turned to each other and they fell in love…and they had a baby. This was very difficult as they were teenagers at the time, Alex’s sister had been kidnapped and they were going to be teen parents. If you get a chance, read that series first! This is a really well written book and I feel badly for Alex, a Dad, trying to do the right thing.-Janell

Girl in Trouble (Alex Mercer Series, Book 1) – by Stacy Claflin

Girl in Trouble (Alex Mercer Series, Book 1) – by Stacy Claflin

Alex Mercer has been through a lot. His sister was kidnapped when they were both teenagers. His sisters best friend and he turned to each other for comfort, and they became best friends. Then, they had a baby. As teens, they knew they couldn’t raise a baby, so they were letting the baby’s Maternal Grandparents raise her. His relationship with her Mom has ended, but her wants to be the best Dad that he can be. How could he have ever known that a child predator would have been waiting for her at the local Game Center when he took at phone call? Now, Alex will do whatever it take to get his beautiful daughter back.

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