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Good and Gone by Britney King

How does she do it?

Britney King keeps coming up with great plots for her books!

How does she do it? I don't know!

Her latest book, Good and Gone, is another one that feels real. A mom disappears while on her morning run. Her family becomes worried when she's not home by the normal time. Their worries build as the day goes by. Soon it's a week with no sign of her

The reader gets to know what is happening in the alternating part of the story. She is being held hostage, with terrible things happening to her. With no one to help. Will anyone be able to find her? Will she escape? But she doesn't know where she is, even if she can escape. But she might have a way...

As the book continues, we see a different side of Tyler. He is with his dad, and they are forming a plan. He will do whatever it takes to punish the people responsible.

Another win for Britney King!


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