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Gretchen, a Thriller – by Shannon Kirk

Gretchen, a Thriller – by Shannon Kirk

Gretchen, a Thriller – by Shannon Kirk

Wow, what a book! I read Part one and Part two and I thought the book was going to end, and it was going to be a really good ending…then there was Part three and wow, I didn’t expect Part three at all! If you like a thriller, you’ll like this book by Shannon Kirk! -Janell, Green Gables Book Reviews

This book is about Lucy and her Mom. They are living in their 10th state and leaving soon for their 11th state. Whenever there is a glimpse of recognition, they drive. They take precautions, they do not go in public together, there are colored contact lenses and sunglasses to be worn, there is money hidden, there is always a back up story and they must tell each other everything. It is the only way to stay safe. They can only rely on each other. This has been Lucy’s life since she was 2 years old, she doesn’t understand it, but it’s how she and Mom live to stay safe.

When they get to their 11th state, Lucy likes the place Mom has found. It is isolated and wooded, in New Hampshire. Mom is wary when they meet the owners, who live on the property, but Lucy is excited about the idea of a girl near her age living there with her Dad. She can bike to town, and hopes Mom will let her get a job. Maybe they can stay here for a while, Lucy wants to stay here. She’s tired of the constant running.

Mom senses something, Mom wants to go. Lucy doesn’t usually argue with Mom, but she wants to stay. Mom starts to ignore her. Mom is mad. Lucy has never kept things from Mom, but Mom is being mean. Maybe she should tell Mom about how she’s collected a few secrets, but nothing that would put them in danger … she doesn’t think, anyway? She can handle this! Maybe she should tell her how weird Gretchen is. Their property owners daughter really wants to be friends, but she’s trying too hard. It’s annoying. Really annoying. But, at least it is someone to talk to. Mom still won’t talk to her.

Lucy goes to Gretchen’s house across the yard for dinner. The house is huge! Until you get inside…what is this place? She knew Gretchen was really liked puzzles, but Lucy never would have thought she’d see this! And, with Mom mad at her, what should she do? As the weeks go by, Lucy finds herself in a real puzzle that Gretchen has created just for her to solve. And, she has to do it alone.

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