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“Guilty Until Proven Innocent” by Mustang Patty

“Mustang Patty has created a book that takes your mind to many different places. There are many versions of Jill. Unable to leave her house unless absolutely necessary Jill, murderous Jill, her husband left her Jill, she loved her mother-in-law Jill, mentally unsound Jill, who is Jill? And, did she kill her mother-in-law? A really great, fast-paced book! Hoping I get asked to review the next book in the Trilogy!” -Green Gables Book Reviews

Jill Adair struggles. She rarely leaves her home. So she is shocked when the police are at her door and she is arrested for murder! Her mother-in-law has been killed and she is the only suspect. Jill has not seen her mother-in-law for five years! How can this be?

Jill’s husband contacts an old classmate, Tom, a gifted attorney. Tom takes the case, but with Jill’s diagnosed mental illnesses, he knows this case will be a challenge. When Jill’s husband skips town and their check bounces, it makes it even more difficult. Divorce papers arrive and Derrick has left no way to be contacted.

Attorney Tom enlists Jill’s help to win her case. With his confidence in her, she is feeling stronger each day. She knows she did not do this! And, she knows they will win. Jill starts to see Tom in a new way. Will Tom return her feelings?

Tom is very focused on winning this case. He and his team are looking at every possible way to win. But, something doesn’t seem right to their investigator. Where is Derrick?

Jill has made a big decision. But, is it a good decision? What will happen when the case goes to trial?

Great book, love the format of the book. A great read! 5 stars!

  1. Series: Guilty (Book 1)

  2. Paperback: 232 pages

  3. Publisher: Independently published (October 4, 2019)

  4. Language: English

  5. ISBN-10: 1689408510

  6. ISBN-13: 978-1689408516

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