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“Her Last Winter” by Renee Kira

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Her Last Winter Renee Kira

Her Last Winter by Renee Kira

Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts: Sometimes we need a quick read. Here it is. Trust me. Emotion, mystery, maybe a tear, what’s better in a book? Her Last Winter by Renee Kira

“Sometimes we need a quick read. Here it is. Trust me.”-Green Gables Book Reviews

Her Last Winter by Renee Kira Cass is starting to worry. Rory, her husband, should’ve been back before now. Cassie waits and listens for his familiar sounds. But all she sees and hears are the sounds of these mountains. What can she do besides wait? Cass knows that Rory knows these mountains better than anyone, and he’ll be back soon. She hopes so because winter is getting closer every day. Cass is an author and tries to distract herself with writing her new book, but she can’t concentrate. She is just too worried. Cass decides to drive down the mountain to town for supplies. Soon the roads might be unsafe to drive on, so they make this supply run every year before winter. When she gets to town, she wonders why people are looking at her strangely? Do they know where Rory is? Has something happened, and no one has told her yet? Maybe the sheriff can help but is he willing? Their conversation makes Cassie starts to question everything.

I received a free copy of this book to read and review. Thank you.


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