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It's Birthday Week!

It's a little odd how, as we get older, things that we used to know escape us easily.

January is Birthday Month. My husband, our youngest son, his dog, my dad, and I all have January birthdays within seven days of each other. Crazy, right? As we indulge a bit, all thoughts of losing weight or toning up go away this week. This week, there have been ice cream sundaes, yellow layer cake, and cinnamon bread (with an amazing glaze). I just made No Bake Cookies, and we are having our son's favorite tonight, Breakfast for Dinner.

Keeping track of ages has always been pretty easy for me. My dad is 30 years older; my husband is five years older. But I forgot how old I would be, throwing my whole plan off track.

Thankfully, my husband reminded me that fifty-one is around the corner. And, I look forward to it. I have ideas of things I want to spend my time doing. I want to read and write. I want to paint. I want to play with the dogs and have quiet moments with my family. I like our routine and our simple life. I want more of what I have. I feel loved and like I am where I am meant to be.


Last year on vacation! More dessert!


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