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Jane Deyre by Nelle L'amour

"Suspense, romance, good, and evil all come together into one fabulous book!"

- Books and Pens on Green Gables

Jane Deyre by Nelle L'amour

Jane is not living her best life. She is doing whatever she can to get by, and her current job has her wearing a Smurfette costume and working for tips. She has no one to fall back on since she grew up in the foster care system—and can verify that the bad stuff you hear is true. Jane has dreams but no idea how to make them come true.

As Jane is heading to work, as Smurfette, she helps a woman on the sidewalk and saves her cat from going into traffic! The woman is so grateful that she offers Jane a job on the spot taking care of her young goddaughter, and she won't take no for an answer.

Jane cannot believe her eyes as they enter the gates of Thornhill Estate. And when she realizes the woman sitting next to her is one of her idols, she can't believe it! She knows Mrs. Rochester's story—and the tragedy of her baby's kidnapping many, many years ago.

The things Jane loves about her job are many-sweet, sweet 5-year-old Adele, her new friend, Grace, a long-time employee of Mrs. Rochester's, the time spent with Mrs. Rochester, the roses, and Ward Rochester, Adele's handsome father who is writing Mrs. Rochester's memoir.

Jane does not like: cranky, evil Ms. Fairfax, who is mean to Adele, mean to animals (even if they are snails), demeaning, rude, and aggressive. And Jane does not like the scary sounds in the guest quarters where she stays or that there is no lock on the door. And, especially not the strange notes that keep appearing or the noise she hears.

When Jane and Ward fall in love, they need to keep it a secret, especially from Ms. Fairfax, who can make everyone's lives miserable, especially Jane's. But, there is one other person out to ruin Jane too. And he will kill her if he finds her. Ward has rescued her once, but can anyone be safe with all of the secrets there are at Thornhill Estates?

"Suspense, romance, good, and evil all come together into one fabulous book!"

- Books and Pens on Green Gables

"I LOVED this book! Every page, every word is so well thought out and fabulous! The character descriptions are great, the mood that is set in each is like watching a movie in your mind!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

I was given this book to read and review-and, I loved it!!

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