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Little Voices – by Vanessa Lillie

What an eye-catching cover! I love the shades of blue. I think it will stand out on a bookshelf and catch anyone’s eye!

Little Voices” is the first book for Author Vanessa Lillie and she nailed it! This is Psychological Suspense at its finest. My fingers are crossed that I am invited to review her second book, coming out Fall, 2020. I don’t know anything about it, but after reading this one, I think it’s guaranteed to be great!-Green Gables Book Reviews

Devon and Belina have developed an easy friendship with conversation and companionship. Belina is the Nanny for Devon’s friend, Alec, and Devon gets to enjoy time with his son, Emmett, when they are together, seeing him grow and play. Devon never would have thought that the last time she and Belina were together would have been the last time she would have gotten to be with her friend. Because while Devon was at the hospital having an emergency C-section, Belina was murdered.

Devon is struggling. Struggling with recovery from her emergency surgery, struggling with the death of her friend, with being a Mothers weeks before shows ready, she hasn’t slept and she is not thriving as new Mom. When she starts to hear little voices that seem to know all of her insecurities, she knows they are not real, but they seem so real. Then, she finds out Alec, her long time friend, has been accused of Belina’s murder. This calls to her and she knows she must go back to her roots as an Attorney and help to clear his name.

But, will clearing Alec’s name be as easy as she thought? Are the voices in her head something she should listen to? Can Devon keep her husband, their baby, and herself safe during the investigation? And, can Devon keep herself safe from the Little Voices she keeps hearing?

So well done! Read this book! 5 STARS!

Little Voices, Vanessa Lillie, Thomas and Mercer, Psychological Suspense, October 1, 2019 Review by Green Gables Book Reviews

Order Little Voices here! As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission from this purchase-Thank you!

Thank you to Vanessa Lillie and NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book to review!-Green Gables Book Reviews

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