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Love the Way They Lie by Linda Smolkin



"Contemporary women's fiction with a little suspense, lots of tears, a huge lack of trust, and a bit of romance. An easy read, that will make you sad, then mad, then ok. Enjoy Love the Way They Lie!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

How can a trip to the DMV end your marriage?

Impossible, right? A speeding ticket can't end your marriage? It can if there's a photo of your husband driving your can when you're out of town and a woman you don't know is snuggled up to him!

Maggie is beyond devastated. Hurt, sad, mad. Betrayed. How could this have happened again? Maggie goes home, sobbing, and starts searching, unsure what she might find, but trying to be prepared for anything.

Maggie and Chili, she and Nate's golden lab, head to the bus stop to get Max and Emily, Nate's kids. Maggie is trying to figure out how she'll hide the evidence of her tears from the kids as they run ahead. To her surprise, Nate is home early. She hopes she left his office as it was before her looking around.

Nate, of course, denies everything. And, even though they've decided to end their marriage, Nate can't let it go. He desperately wants her to believe him. But, he doesn't know what she knows.

Rachel, Maggie's long-time best friend has always been in her corner. As Maggie starts to navigate the world of dating, Rachel is there to hear it all. But, is Rachel on Maggie's side this time? Or, is Rachel keeping something from Maggie, too?

I was given a free copy of Love the Way They Lie to read and review.

"A couple of portions got a little long for me, but overall I thought it was great! 'Love the Way They Lie' would be a fun pool or beach read!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables


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