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McDuff Moves In by Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers

“McDuff Moves In” by Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers

“McDuff Moves In” is a sweet book about a puppy who fell out of the dog catchers truck. He needed something to eat and a warm place to sleep. So he went looking. “Woof” he says along his way, but no one comes. It is getting dark and starting to rain and the wind is picking up. Then, a door opens. She is Lucy and he is Fred, she tells the puppy. They ask him to come in! They know they should return him to the dog pound. They drive around. Soon they are all back home eating tea biscuits called McDuff’s. And, McDuff gets a name and has moved in!

Very sweet, a great book for your younger child. Wonderful illustrations. A sweet story kids will love. –Green Gables Book Reviews

Age-3-7 years

Pages-25 pages , hardcover

Published by-The Gryphon Press

Publishing Date-October 15, 2019


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