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No More Lies by Kerry Lonsdale

No More Lies by Kerry Lonsdale


Kerri Lonsdale has made book two in the No More series another book that you’ll be drawn to as soon as you open to the first chapter!

Jenna Mason is a good mom, the BEST mom, especially with all she has dealt with since even before Josh was born. She’s been alone with him for years, moving often, not getting too close to anyone, just to keep them both safe. It’s been hard, especially since Josh can’t know the whole story. When Jenna gets to the school one morning to give Josh a forgotten item, there’s a weird vibe from the popular mom group. She hears snippets and tries to ignore them, knowing she’s safe because no one knows who she really is. Until one of the mom’s approaches her and asks if the rumor is true. Had she murdered a sixteen-year-old-kid? Apparently a newspaper reporter is about to break a big story. Jenna knows she needs to get away but doesn’t want to attract too much attention. Thankful for Keely pulling up, Jenna hops in her van and they take off. Keely is Josh’s best friend’s mom. And, she and Jenna are becoming friends, as much as Jenna allows anyone to become a friend.

Jenna is spooked. Despite being somewhat famous, no one actually knows who she is. Her editorial team makes sure of it, so who is this reporter? When Keely drives to Jenna’s house and the reporter is there, Jenna knows it’s time to move again, despite Josh finally being happy and her recent acceptance of a marriage proposal.

Thankfully her legal team is able to stop the story, but she knows that if one reporter found her, the story will get out and she cannot be found. Not after what she did. Her past cannot catch up with her. The past before Jenna became Jenna and she was a regular teenage, but with parents and a sibling who hated her. How did Lily’s life get so off track?

When strange things start showing up at her door, she is spooked. She can’t believe this is happening. Then, the worst thing. Someone shows up at her door she has feared for most of her life, someone who could ruin her, threaten she and Josh’s safety, and send her to prison. How can she get away and keep Josh safe?

"Perfectly written with chapters weaving between the present and the past. Lonsdale is a word artist. can't wait for book three in this series!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables


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