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"No One Can Hear You Scream" by A.B. Whelan

Disturbing, intense, and fast-paced, No One Can Hear You Scream fills every category in the suspense genre! An edge of your seat, holding your breath, oh my gosh book, Whelan has written a great one!"-Book and Pens on Green Gables

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Jennifer is a bit stuck. She and her husband, Connor, are divorced, but are still a part of each other’s lives since they share three kids, Jayden, Emily and Noah. The kids are team dad, especially when it comes to their mom’s new boyfriend, Tyler.

Tyler, is trying very hard to be a part of Jennifer and her kids’ lives, almost trying too hard. It’s becoming annoying to everyone, even Jennifer at times. Tyler decides to assert himself by planning a getaway for Jennifer, the kids, and himself to an off the grid yurt in Montana. He thinks it’s the perfect thing to get away together, connect with nature, leave cell phone service behind, and really get to know each other. He is really looking forward to it, partly because Connor, Jennifer’s ex, thinks it’s more HIS kind of thing to do rather than Tylers.

Jennifer is a well-known YouTuber who shares most of her life online. Fitness and cooking, and pretty much any part of her life is fair game. She has a huge number of followers and her staff help make her successful. Jennifer is a bit uncertain about being away from her job for so long for the trip, but she knows Tyler is excited to get away.

After they arrive, they all realize how remote the yurt really is. They are truly alone in nature. When Tyler and Jayden take a walk and don’t return as soon as Jennifer thought they would, she gets worried and goes to look for them, leaving Emily and Noah in the yurt. She is shocked by what she finds in the woods, and by what Jayden tells her. Soon, Jennifer and her kids are in the fight for their lives with a dangerous man inside the yurt who seems to know Jennifer. With no cell service, no car keys, and no way off the mountain, how can they escape from this madman?


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