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One Night – by Monica Murphy

One Night - by Monica Murphy

One Night – by Monica Murphy

“One Night” by Monica Murphy is a FREE prequel to the YA novel, “Just Friends”, by Monica Murphy. I have not read “Just Friends” yet, but WOW, was “One Night” good! It was a very interesting look into the lives of this group of teens! I love how the Author has given a quick overview of each person in the book at the beginning. Highly recommended! It grabbed my attention immediately. I read it in just a few hours. 5 stars! And, I’m hoping to read and review “Just Friends” soon. (At the end of “One Night”, you get to read a few chapters of “Just Friends!”) A great book-Enjoy!-Janell at Green Gables Book Reviews. (*This book does contain mature content*).

There’s a party at the Tuttle’s house tonight and everyone will be there. Olivia is leaving tomorrow for 6 weeks at her Dad’s and she’s excited to spend the evening with Dustin and Emily. Dustin and she have messed around little bit and he wants more, but she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Emily should be in the car. Where is she? Olivia really wants time with her tonight.

Emily has her own ideas, and they all involve alcohol and boys. One of those boys should be considered off limits, but Emily isn’t really thinking about boundaries of any kind. She’s kind of getting a reputation, but right now? She doesn’t care! Cannon is looking kind of cute…

Amanda is looking everywhere for her boyfriend. Tonight might be their special night! When she finds him, she can’t believe what happens!

Tuttle has been waiting for Amanda to notice him in that way for a long time. Maybe she’ll notice him now?

Olivia’s ready to head home and on the drive with Dustin things seem a little off…she knows he wants more, but she’s worried about ruining their friendship if they date, and she leaves tomorrow. They say an odd goodbye, but maybe it wasn’t their goodbye?

Lots of texts get Olivia through the summer and they all lead to another party. Wait,…., who is this new guy?

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Order “Just Friends” here! Enjoy!!


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