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Our New Normal – by Colleen Faulkner

Our New Normal – by Colleen Faulkner

Our New Normal – by Colleen Faulkner

“Our New Normal” by Colleen Faulkner

Your kids are growing up-one is heading to college and the other is almost 17. Your husband’s career at the Hospital is established and you’re so excited because it is finally here! It is finally your turn to live your dream! The kids are old enough that they don’t need you 24/7. You have your first clients for your new business and you are so excited to get started.

And then, there is a positive pregnancy test. And, a second positive pregnancy test, in case the first one was wrong. Now what?

I loved this book by Colleen Faulkner! I loved each of the characters and the roles they had. Oscar, Husband and Dad, level headed, logical Oscar. He loves his family and his kids, but had his career, so was, admittedly, a bit “hands off” when his kids were young. Liv, supportive Wife and responsible Mom to Sean and Hazel, caregiver to aging parents, so excited to start this new phase of her life. Sean, heading to college. Hazel, age 16, three months pregnant.

Everyone is thrown for a curveball by this pregnancy and everyone has different ideas for Hazel’s future. Relationships are changing and emotions are running strong in this family.

Even though they are all seeing this from a different angle, the underlying theme is love. Oscar loves his wife and child. Liv loves her husband and daughter so much, and she cannot understand that they can’t see her ideas for Hazel’s future are because of that love. Hazel is a child herself, but she knows she wants to keep her baby. They all love Charlie so much! Can love get them through the difficult relationships and hurt feeling that have happened? Can love and time heal them?

5 stars. Loved this book!

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